Regions Bank Bonita Springs Branch

24836 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Pelican Landing Location

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

Regions Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Miss+Au+Fait Feb 19, 2014

    As a Former Employee....Worst Company to Work for in Naples FL

    I started working for Regions in 2010. The pay starting off was fairly poor, but I was assured bonuses would put me above and beyond. They don't streamline any of their paperwork and instead of getting to take time with customers you are sitting and filing ridiculous paperwork, Most pointless. So while you're trying to do all this ridiculous paper work you're supposed to do we must also make sales and have excellent customer service. Now to be honest the customer service part wasn't ever an issue. My co-teller and I loved our customers. Now here's the issue. If we spent too much time helping customers and didn't get our paperwork all filed in it's ridiculous order, we then got graded and berated. They are extremely always understaffed. I have gotten yelled at on a conference style call for requesting a day off. Yelled at! I know this sounds dramatic, but its no joke. I got a Christmas gift for a concert that was in March and put in my request the day after Christmas. Apparently the concert was the same week all the kids were out of school. I don't have kids and was unaware of this fact. I then get a phone call from our human resource lady, my manager, the district manager and a couple other people and am asked why I would get tickets to something without making sure I had the days off. I explained they were a gift and that I didn't realize everyone else once March started would be asking for these days off. They yelled at me until I cried and walked out of the room. I didn't get the days off. They had made bonuses unreachable. They then decided to transfer me to the next county over. Which would be an hour drive for me. I understand they were completely understaffed cause everyone kept leaving, due to management and the lack there of, but there were about 50 other employees that lived closer than I did and I felt I was being targeted after trying to ask for a day off the month before. I ultimately quit my job. I make way better money now and for an awesome Company.

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