Regions Bank Downtown Miami Branch

265 S.E. First Street, Suite 007 And, Miami, FL 33131

Downtown Miami Location

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

Regions Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Britny Dec 19, 2013

    The absolute worst!

    Let me start off by saying this entire horrific experience happened within a week or 2 from Christmas. I had 2 charges on my account; one was unauthorized and the other fraudulent. The unauthorized was from t-mobile. They mistakenly ACH my account twice. The other from some company called first premier (I've never heard of them). When I noticed both of the charges, I called regions. Because they were still pending, the rep said there was nothing I could do,call back once they've posted. I did just that. This time when I called back the rep told me both payments were being returned to the account. Both charges were returned because the funds weren't available. The next day the funds were returned along with 2 NSF fees totaling $72. When I tried to file a dispute with regions against these 2 merchants,regions told me, since they did not get my money, they would not dispute it,and the NSF fees were valid. The only way I could get the fees refunded would be to have both of these merchants write a formal letter stating their error. T-mobile refused, but did credit my next month bill, but the $36 NSF fee remained. This first premier company has a pre-recorded message asking me to leave my info and they will call back,I have yet to hear from anyone. I also have a ready advance with regions that had $80 available,regions also took that because my "account remained in a negative state" we are 6 days away from Christmas and I have nothing. Thanks Regions! Merry Christmas!

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