Regions Bank Mitchell Plaza Branch

3242 Little Road, Trinity, FL 34655

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

Regions Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By donald s. Dec 13, 2012

    Never Again

    Regions has been a joke, i opened an account less than a month ago and have only used it for money orders for my rent and electric. I normally have at least $600 in the account twice a month. I went to check my account the other day and through some sort of magic $30 was missing (whatever mycashguardian is) when i had a. 40 balance. So in the hole i go. Plus overdraft. Yay. When i try to get things situated through the phone service they ask for all my account info and they have access to every single feature the banks actually have yet they can never help and refer me to the location.

    When i went to the location the lady continuously kept telling me it was my fault. Saying perhaps i gave out my info without realizing it? How? Only money orders through the bank itself. My new theory. Regions handed the info to these people they charged me. Then regions made money off of that. Scam! And why they continuously tell me to just let it post before fixing it (the lady was aware of this mycashguardian scam group. And still couldnt put a stop to it) if you are aware of a scam and its pending why let it pass? If you know you have a virus on your computer just wait till it crashes before attempting to fix it? I have lost all faith in american banking. Buy ingots and hope for the best

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