Regions Bank Newton Main Branch

100 N. Main Street, Newton, MS 39345

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

Regions Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By cottonpicker Jan 4, 2014

    Worst Bank. Rip OFF's

    feel like im just a pun and victim of your bank overall.

    1st) On 12/26/2013 you accept a check for $19.02, check 109 payable to Walmart.

    2nd) On 12/27/2013 you returned the check and charge me $36 for a return item fee.

    3rd) On 1/3/2014, check no. 109 was presented again for payment and you paid it and then charged me another $36 for NSF Overdraft Fee.

    Total of $72 dollars for a $19.02 payment.

    Why did you not pay the check the first time when it was presented?

    Why do you continue to squeeze fee's out from me?

    Conclusion: YOUR THE WORST BANK I've Ever Experience. Clearly your only focus is to only gain fee's. How stupid I was to ever even consider this bank. After my continue negative relationship with you being gauge in fee's I've started my
    research for a new bank and discovered your one of the worst charging excessive fee's plus I discovered some extraordinary bigger and smaller banks that offers better service and free checkings without the ridiculous fee's you raped me on. I will assured you I will not be a future bank member with Regions Bank within the next 7 business day from the date of this email. Soon my other two family members will follow.


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