Regions Bank Knollwood Branch

151 Major Reynolds Place, Knoxville, TN 37919

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Branch Phone Number 800-734-4667

Regions Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By abusedbyregions Nov 23, 2016


    We have been trying to obtain a home loan/mortgage for over 100 days. Mortgage employees have been incompetent to say the least. We have had to submit documentation up to three times in some occasions under their excuse that it is outdated, from previous month. It is impossible to reach at any of the loan officers, underwriting or anyone in that department, they DO NOT answer any phone calls, text messages or emails. Those employees do not even have the minimal courtesy to respond if documents have arrived, after we have requested that response with every batch of document we have sent.
    We have had to postpone the closing on our new home three times and incur into penalties, inconvenience, pay of rent after leaving our home already sold and closed, and feeling scrutinized as a delinquent criminal it is shameful on the practices of this bank. After owning 4 homes during our married life, and having built and secured a top credit over the years, this treatment is disrespectful, incompetent and abusive.
    We will end up having a loan with this bank, but we WILL NOT bank with them EVER!

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