Republic Bank of Chicago 65th Street Branch

6501 South Pulaski Avenue, Chicago, IL 60629

South Side Location

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Branch Phone Number 773.581.4500

Republic Bank of Chicago Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Yulonda+Jackson Mar 10, 2014

    20yrs with this bank and No trust built.

    I went into the bank at 65th & Pulaski to Deposit, not to withdraw, 'Deposit' a dividend check from Allstate into my account. The check was made to me in my maiden name (former last name), and yet, I was not able to Deposit the check into my account.

    I was told that the auditor would question the difference in the name. I understand that. "But I will fax you a copy of my Marriage License that same day; I just cant go home and get the license and be back before the bank closes today", I told the manager.

    Because it was Saturday, and because I dont get back into the city in enough time to get to the bank....I really wanted to get the check deposited. I told her I would fax her a copy of my marriage license showing my former name. That's when I thought my 20-year relationship with this bank would count for something.


    I then was told that I could deposit the check thru the night box with the copy of my Marriage license attached;, what's the difference between faxing a copy of the document and attaching a copy thru the night box......Clear indication that I am not trusted to provide this document.

    What a fine way to find out my 20 years with this bank means absolutely nothing.

    I would not encourage anyone to bank here. When people show you your 20 plus years of business means nothing....believe them.

    Same first name, middle inital, address....."My Maiden Name".
    I was standing right there in front of them. I'm the same person since 1991....and you send me to a Night Box.

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