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Santander Bank Parkchester Branch

1416 East Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462

East Bronx Location

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Branch Phone Number 718.931.5000

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You can set personal preferences at your bank's ATM so it won't ask you things like what language you prefer or if you need a receipt.

Santander Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By doingtime2014 Aug 14, 2014

    Stay Away From This Bank!

    My debit card was blocked while taking my daughter back to college in ky. The customer service rep. Told me to borrow money from a friend in ky to pay for the gas that i had pumped into the tank for the return trip. I was told that i should've called before i left my home state. I would've been fine with that advice if i hadn't been to ky 5 times previously. Upon my return approx. One week later, i attempted to order some u of ky apparrel online & my card was denied because the company was in florida. Then the customer service rep. Proceeded to inform me of all the bank transactions that took place within a 7 mile radius of my home and that these transactions constituted bank fraud. This rep. Implied that i would have to notifiy santander bank everytime i was planning on shopping in a town other than my own. When i asked why can't someone in fraud or customer service make a phone call to the customer if a "red flag" is raised about transactions instead of shutting down or blocking the card therefore preventing the customer from access their money and i'm told "that's not what we do," I can appreciate a banking facility's concern about bank fraud but not at the expense of the customer. Never had a problem with sovereign in the past. Great employees @ the pennsauken, nj & aramingo ave, Philadelphia, PA but thumbs down to customer service. Note: they will record you & your conversation for "quality purposes" but if you tell them you're recording also, they'll say they have to terminate the call "can't be recorded." So, they can record you but you can't record them. I asked, "what are you going to state to me that i can't have a copy of it? i got no reponse, except he had to terminate the call. Hmm, Bank shopping.

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