TD Bank Fairfield-Post Road Branch

1643 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

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Branch Phone Number 203-256-7607

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By roch5220x Mar 5, 2013

    Not So Good. Customer Service Should Be More Than Just A Smile.

    Horrible technology. Sorry, it shouldnt take a week to add a 2nd person to an account. Great customer service isnt blaming our backoffice for issues while smiling at you. Slow atms, like seriously, most lineups i experience would not happen using a citi or a chase atm. Screens and reaction times of atms are horrible. Online - not good. Fine, the basics are there, you can see your balance, etc. Etc. , but my citi account, i can initiate wires, domestic and international for same day. Td, dont even get me started. Tellers/customer service, not good.

    I can go on and on, but unfortunately for them i know how the us bank system works, so i dont appreciate lies in place of them admitting they dont understand why their system shows certian balances pending or not, - most of the issues i see is a really bad td computer system combined with employees making up excuses/lies for the inadequate system. You open saturday and sunday, but both days count as monday business day?

    Atm limits ridiculously low, and hassle to get changed. In addition to this weekend thing being monday, pretty stupid. Positive: td canada trust, rarely have issues with them (i use to bank with them in canada). Daily limits for atm (7 days a week) plus weekly overall limit allows you better access to funds. But this aint its canadian parent. Positive: penny arcade, it is cool, i have used it. Dog friendly, free suckers which i like.

    Open late, and on weekends. Overall: horrible. I am shocked i am giving such a bad review, since i have a positive view of td canada trust (dealt with them since early 90s) and happy td ameritrade customer. I wont switch yet due to great atm policy (free use of others) and i am lazy to switch.

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    Reviewed By terry51 Feb 11, 2015

    I Love My TD Bank. The Staff Have Always Been Very Pleasant

    TD bank is by far the very best in fairfield. Everyone there is so helpful and courteous. Being handicapped i use the drive-up more than going inside. I would never consider going to another bank. None could compare with TD Bank.

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