TD Bank Greenwich,ct Branch

235 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

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Branch Phone Number 203-622-4069

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    Reviewed By Tol Mar 31, 2014

    Thieves tried to steal 280 dollars for a 16 dollar overdraft.

    I used TD bank for almost 10 years and this last week they tried to charge me 280 dollars in overdraft fees for my account being mistakenly overdrawn by 16 dollars. I went into the branch at 26th and 7th avenue to correct the situation and I was left sitting by staff as customer service seemed to be taking extended breaks with no explanation and as I tried to get the branch manager to resolve the situation the goon rent a cop was giving me dirty looks. When after an hour the branch manager spoke with me she refused to reverse the overdraft fees. This is after being their customer for 10 years and never having overdrafts before. I was made to feel like a criminal.

    Later the same night I talked to someone on the phone who was more reasonable and agreed to reverse all the charges and said that as long as my paycheck was deposited as anticipated I wouldn't have a problem. We're talking about a 16 dollar overdraft here.

    Then today they put on 70 dollars more in overdraft fees and refused to reverse them when I hadn't made any charges on the account in 6 days! This was after i was told there would be no more fees and the existing ones would be waived!!! I couldn't have put any more charges on the account to incur the overdrafts since I didn't put any additional charges on the account! This is complete thievery and I don't trust them with my money anymore. I'm withdrawing all my money before they try to steal more and am never doing business with these thieves again. You should not trust them with your money and one one should do business with them. They should be investigated by consumer affairs, especially the branch at 26th and 7th.

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