TD Bank Plainville Branch

123 East Main Street, Plainville, CT 06062

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Branch Phone Number 860-793-6088

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Chris d. Feb 27, 2014


    First let me stat that this review is more about the Vice President store manager then the entire bank location. I never had any problems with this bank branch until I came across the store manager. Plus if the Store manager doesn't know how to manage, then the whole bank is doomed anyways.

    The Vice president at this bank goes by the name Silva Vikkimarie. I went to the branch to close an account which should be a simple procedure. I wanted to be in and out with no problems. But i guess that was tooo much to ask. I was greeted from the start with attitude and ridiculously poor customer service. While i am trying to explain what i wanted done, other employees where talking about pizza time. Who called for pizza, what time the pizza was going to get there. Even the Vice president joined in on the pizza conversation while trying to help me. Then i show the Vice president a power of attorney which i have used many times at that location and hundreds of other places with no problem. All of a sudden Silva shouts that the power of attorney doesn't look legit. That sounded so ridiculous i had to laugh. A Vice President of a bank has no idea what a power of attorney looks like? So anyways of course the power of attorney was legit and she closed the account as expected but poor customer service continued until i finally left the building.

    Where did TD Bank find this Vice President? If Anyone at TD bank with any sense is reading this it might be a good idea to hire qualified individuals to management positions.
    Fire this Vice President ASAP before everyone closes their accounts.

    Also TD Bank also started to charge fees for paper billing. Which i didn't agree to and when asked to get a refund for the fee i was denied.

    Last time i checked, by law it is required to give a grace period while changing accounts that require fees. If a customer doesn't agree to terms, funds must be refunded. At the very least this should be done as a courtesy. But wait I forgot.......TD bank d

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