TD Bank Lexington Branch

1840 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420

Lexington Town Center Location

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Branch Phone Number 781-863-2424

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By twesch27 Oct 10, 2017


    I had a legal matter going on and had hired very expensive attorneys and accountants.. THEY WERE HIRED AND PAID TO SET ACCOUNTS UP AT THIS BANK AND TO SET UP BUSINESS Accounts there. I had substantial deposits into that bank; the accountant had me sign an authorization for money to b transferred into that bank by wire transfer on a monthly basis .. There was an estate involved .. One month after depositing another large check into the bank after being instructed to do so by them, money was being transferred out of the bank to another account .THEY APPARANTLY HAD LINKED another account to my accounts without informing me. The financially astute branch manager appears to have been in on this and participated in these transfers. I showed her the letter from the attorney stating that transfers were occurring and to hire another accountant.. This woman in the branch stated that she did not have an answer a to why money was missing ad that she did not know what happened to the money.. Before any accounting was done, the manager wrote a check for the money in the bank telling me that I could go to any bank.. I thought that people hired accountants so they don't have to go to any bank and so that money stays where it should be .. Quite a lot of money was gone from this bank.. She screwed up my taxes, my finances -- since that is not the at that people change banks and the way that money should be moved to begin with.. And considering the fact that they were transferring money out of that bank to another account in which they refused to identify the account number or whose name was on the account and/ or the means of transfer. She wrote a bank check for the money in the bank-- causing substantial financial losses. This bank hires inexperienced people and the branch manager position is in a constant state of flux so that there is no consistency or continuity or stability. They seem to make a lot of financial and accounting mistakes.. It appears they tried to cover this up doing everything to tossing ten pages of bank statements an stating that that was all they could get to lying that so and so would call- even so far as having their investigative team lie that they would call back and never did. I thought that transferring money out of banks was a crime. This bank takes no responsibility for their employees or their business practices . A lot of money was missing. WORST OF ALL, THE BANK MANAGER SCREWED UP THE EXISTING ACCOUNT STRUCTURES and financial system that was in place-- interrupting business and an existing tax situation. It obviously is not a good place to do business with -- they seem to have chaotic management and engage in business practices such as these. They also had liability in this and do not take responsibility. The bank manager should not have written a bank check until the accounting was done; the money should have been transferred by an accountant properly . Since she was the individual who was responsible for this-- she compounded her own ineptitude and dishonesty. A very similar situation was going on in MIAMI with this bank and is posted in the SOUTHERN FLORIDA BUSINESS JOURNAL.. I am out over 200k .. Instead of dealing with this and resolving this- they have done everything to ignore this, to lie about this and to cause aggravation. one of them also stated they reserve the right to close accounts .. Consumers should be told this as well as a disclaimer on their part that they reserve the right to wire transfer funds out of the bank to other accounts. People have a right to know that their money is secure and being handled properly and that bank employees are competent . THEY ARE MISMANAGED starting with changing bank managers every few months// This is their "legendary" customer service . The CPA and lawyer cost me 620.00 hour ..

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