TD Bank Hillsboro Branch

11 School Street, Hillsboro, NH 03244

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Branch Phone Number 603-464-4863

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    Reviewed By Angela Aug 6, 2012

    Personal Account

    I had a personal check from a relative bounce, creating a negative balance in my account, which i promptly paid off and closed the account. I kept the receipt showing that the account was paid off. Yet, when i attempted to open an account at a different bank, td had not reported my account paid off. I called td bank, they needed to see the receipt. I had to chase down the woman working on solving the problem, who seemed to be on lunch whenever i went in, 3 days in a row at different times!

    Anyway, she cleared it up and opened me a new account. Not over, now, 5 months later, i received a collection letter on the aforementioned account! I called the collection agency, td still reporting unpaid. Called td, surprise, at 2 p. M. And cheryl is on lunch again! Finally she calls back and says i have to fax the receipt to her again, that it doesn't' show as paid!!! I asked, "doesn't the bank keep copies of payment? It is a business they should keep records. " she answered, "i don't know, i'll have to check with the teller. " so again, i have to fax this damn receipt to the bank, and to the collection agency, and for what, to do it again in 4 more months?

    I feel like they are just hoping people won't notice and keep sending in money they are tricked into thinking they still owe! America's most convenient bank my ass!

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