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TD Bank Towers Branch

733 Palisade Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

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Branch Phone Number 201-313-5217

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Gunz Dec 24, 2013


    I had a fraudulent charge posted to my account and no one on the customer service line would assist me until Monday. On top of that the repeated accusatory tones in the personnel that answered the customer service lines for checking was that it might be my charge and to call back on Monday. Even though the charge was in a different state and I have transactions at the same time elsewhere, they said, it's my charge. I figured out there was a phone line for fraud as the customer rep failed to mention that and they explained their process. The fraud department isn't open on the weekends! Not too convenient now, is it? The charge was posted on a Friday. I went to a branch and spoke to a VP on a Saturday and they provided better customer service by taking down all of the information and preparing the paperwork for Monday. The also cancelled my cards, something that I repeatedly asked the customer service line to do and they said they did however,when I got to the branch on Saturday, they said my card was still active! That Sunday, another charge was attempted but since my card was cancelled it did not go through. Branch experience is okay, the customer service line is horrendous. Even the branch VP says that the folks that answer that line don't really have any banking experience, they are just operators.

    Second experience, I've asked that funds not be pulled out of my account if I am below the balance of where I need to be. Customer service reps say, they have put a notation in to ensure this account alerts me of an overdraft fee prior. As a courtesy they pay any overdrafts then charge me $35.00 and if I put a stop payment then I end up paying the bank, the merchant and I'm broke. When I ask what happened to the notation on my account, they repeated that I was in overdraft and I should not bill pay when I don't have the money. I explained that I scheduled it for when I did, two weeks from the day it was withdrawn. So, I'm switching banks.

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    Reviewed By Pepe Mar 28, 2014

    Customer Service is dismal

    TD Bank blocks acess to my Bussiness account every Friday. The customer service line takes an average of 26 minutes to answer the phone. Then they place you on hold for another 6 minutes to transfer to the bussiness group. They do not have a direct line for business listed on their website.

    They are polite, yet incompetent in their ability to fullfill custumers needs.

    Stay away from this bank. Greed and carelessness has taken over this institution. They just plainly do not care about their customers, just on how much they can buckle and dime you. Run away from them.


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