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TD Bank New Brunswick Branch

70 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Branch Phone Number 732-867-5732

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Kiteness2 Feb 6, 2013

    Bad Bank

    The staff at the New Brunswick branch is incompetent, insensitive and rude. The bank's policies are adversarial and user-unfriendly. TD Bank in New Brunswick is a bad neighbor. The exterior is filthy with garbage, cigarette butts and unkempt landscaping. I have brought this to the attention of management several times and their response is nothing but lip service. As a local resident I greatly resent their intrusion and the blight they bring to an otherwise well-kept street.

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    Reviewed By Felix C. Dec 23, 2013


    Do not bank here. I was a regular customer here for several years. I parked there late at night recently to use the ATM. The lot was almost empty. I came out ten minutes later and my car was towed. When I asked them to reimburse me they refused. It is a ludicrous business model for a company to tow the people that are giving them money. Closed all my accounts and haven't been back since - I found a bank that doesn't tow their clients. Apparently this is becoming a more and more likely occurrence at this TD Bank location, so if you drive to do your banking I highly recommend not using this bank. They'll tow your car while your inside.

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    Reviewed By Markssw Nov 15, 2014

    Never Again

    It is a ridiculous bank. I used to bank with them until i opened an account with bank of america. They can't even come close to the service level some of the other banks offer. The customer service doesn't seem to care about their clients. Whenever i visited the branch, i ended up wasting lot of time waiting in queues, slow processing, and in-professional tellers who never knew how to handle even standard processes. They often had to go check with some higher up keeping clients waiting for several minutes.

    On top of poor service, in 2013 there have been several cases of valid customers getting their car towed away while they were banking. They tried to put in a process to ask every customer if they are parked int the lot but that was never fool proof. They once towed one of my friend's car, who was also a td customer. The bank has given out contract to a private towing company called dependable auto, who is always on the look out to make some extra cash by towing away cars even before validating. Worst part is they damaged the exhaust of my friend's car while towing and there was no accountability from either the towing company or td bank. If you are driving to this bank, don't park your car in their parking lot.

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