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TD Bank Pelham Parkway Branch

640 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, NY 10462

East Bronx Location

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Branch Phone Number 718-239-2354

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By anajrubio Aug 28, 2014

    No Security On Personal Information

    Just three days ago someone tampered with my information. My personal checking and debit card as well as my small business account. I realize this two days later that over $1500 is missing from my business checking. Not even the bank notifies me! Someone got my info from one of their atms and used it and took out money from both my accounts until cleaning them out and even making them go negative! I call and they tell me they will investigate to give it up to 10 business days! Like i don't have a business to run myself. Then i call two days later and they tell me no one can tamper with my info again but i log onto my personal checking online and guess what money was still able to be taken out using an atm again!!! They have no security on debit cards no alerts no text messages no nothing! How am i suppose to trust this bank especially with my business acount! Worst bank ever! With customer service and fraud! No one ever knows anything about what is going on with your account or they can't tell you. How can i not be told what is going on when its my money!

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    Reviewed By morasanti Apr 13, 2017


    On Monday 4/10/2017 from 6:20pm to 7pm I went into this bank and used their ATM machine, I used my Mastercard, that I only use once in a moon. While I was using the ATM by my side there was an african american woman from 25 to 35 years old, using the ATM machine next to me. She was looking her surroundings continuously and to me she looked very suspicious. I finished using the ATM and she was still there. I came inside the bank with my husband to make a transaction and when we came out she was still there. Today Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 12:29 AM my debit card was charged by Gifttree, Vancouver, WA, for $76.85 USD. for a delivery to California. Thank god I was able to report the fraud and dispute the charges. However I called TD Bank to report this incident because It was inside their own bank and they just said; "Thanks for letting us know, we really appreciate it" And that's it. They do not realize how inconvenient and dangerous their ATM's are, and how easy it is for criminals to use their ATMs to steal consumers credit card information. I only saw one woman security guard inside the bank, but no security guard by the ATM's. Let's be realistic more than 25 minutes one person using and ATM? That is not normal. To me, this incident could have been avoided if they had security personnel watching the area. Just be careful and watch the actions of the person next to you.

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    Reviewed By carmen Nov 16, 2012

    Worst Bank Ever

    I went in to put a stop payment on a check and they refused to do it. I was told that i had to wait three months. Come to know that my check was cashed two months later. This bank does not give the customers the protecting that they need. Don't put your money here no protection there service of protection sucks.........

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