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TD Bank Queens Village Store Branch

214-32 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11428

Jamaica Location

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Branch Phone Number 718-464-5860

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Saleem Jul 27, 2016

    Very very very poor service

    The guys sitting here supposed to help you are not really interested helping customers, especially if you are not doing business with tellers. Tellers are stuck behind the counters so it seems they are forced to take clients, other then that every one is just wasting time here. Trying to show off that they r busy doing something on computer and not calling any client who are sitting and waiting to be attend.
    They really need a branch officer who can watch over them and keep them busy.
    I been sitting here for 45 and still not been called.

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    Reviewed By candice Mar 31, 2014


    I made a deposit through the ATM on Friday, I checked my balance on monday it showed that my check was clear. I attempted to make a purchase and it was declined even though it shows my funds are available. I contacted the bank they stated i should've deposited my check with a teller.

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    Reviewed By Anas A. Jul 3, 2013

    Shockingly rude-unprofessional-insensitive. they look for every chance to rip you off and not work with you

    I have had a TD Bank account for over 3 years until the chocking experience I just had with the this week. TD Bank was extremely kind and helpful 3 years ago with a we are looking for our costumers satisfaction attitude. I have been overseas for the last 2 months due to family essue and when I came back I realized that there was a letter stating that there was a levy in my account, negative balance and a letter from a collection agency stating my account with TD is closed and a balance of $120 was passed to them for collection. Absolutely no sign no warning no phone call from TD before making such move I a period of two months! Anything can happen to a person, life event Etc.. I have never seen a company whom you have been with for the last 3 years make such quick and blunt move on you and even without a warning or a phone call. I called the Collection agency right there and paid that little balance of $120 only to find out that not only I don't have a bank account but I will have to wait 2 weeks for TD to get paid by the agency for me to be able to open another account somewhere else. I called the recovery line at TD and I spoke to a certain Erick. I was professional and expressed my frustration that I was overseas and I'm shocked by the careless mistreatment of TD. This operator took it upon himself to give me a lesson. TD is not responsible for keeping a positive balance on my account and they have every right to terminate me! With an attitude and when I said will contact BB bureau, he said Like this: Go ahead and do what you want you have every right to do so. Here is the best part. When I said can I speak to a supervisor, he said OK and than he asked can I ask you why do you want to speak to them? What? I said regarding my account. He knew I was gonna complain against his professionalism. He put me n hold for 3 minutes, got back to the phone and told me they are busy and call later while he was stuttering! Unbelievable

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