TD Bank Staten Island-Eltingville Branch

4401 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10312

Eltingville Location

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Branch Phone Number 718-966-1619

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    Reviewed By KWolff Jul 1, 2014

    TD Bank -- World's Most Inconvenient Location

    I opened a Student Checking &savings account with TD Bank at this location two years ago before college because my campus only has TD ATMs. The first time I tried online banking I found out the Customer Service Representative who put in my information got my SSN wrong &had to spend 20 minutes on the phone trying to sort it out, then go back to this location to do it in person. Obnoxious, but not the biggest inconvenience ever.

    A year later I looked at my statement &saw all these charges &maintenance fees, &had no idea where they were coming from. I had a student account that was not supposed to charge fees. They had gone unnoticed for a while because they were such small amounts, but now they were suddenly $10, some occurring multiple times on the same statement. I once again went to the location where I was informed that Whoops! Whoever opened these accounts for you accidentally made them convenience, not student. Convenience accounts charge a specific amount &after a certain time period that amount will increase. I was refunded 6 months worth of fees &told that my account would be fixed promptly but the fees that caught my attention were not refundable as they were caused by mobile fund transfers (only 6 are allowed in a month). I wish someone had told me this, but again, not a huge deal.

    A few months later is when I started to really get annoyed. I overdrafted - something that's not supposed to happen on a student account- and was charged $75. When I called in a panic a very helpful lovely woman informed me that my birthdate had been listed wrong &the system thought I was 30, so it wouldn't give me a student account. She changed it, but said I'd have to return to the location for the type to be switched.

    I went in two weeks ago, have called 3 times, was told they were doing it, and today when I saw there was still no change and sat on hold for 15 minutes decided 'screw it' and called the service number again. 5 minutes and my problem was fixed.

    So it's this location.

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