TD Bank Lawrence Park Branch

2014 Sproul Road, Broomall, PA 19008

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Branch Phone Number 610-359-9240

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By carol w. Apr 21, 2013

    It has been really bad. Eats up a lot of my time and money.

    First and foremost, I am horrified by what TD did with the bill pay. The money used to come immediately out of your balance, so you never had to worry about being surprised by an outstanding check coming in. Now, when you pay a bill, the money doesn't come out of your balance until the receiving person decides to cash the check. This happened to me without warning and caused havoc to my financial life. And means more exorbitant "overdraft" fees for TD Bank to collect from me. This bank seems to exist only to collect overdraft fees. Every bit of customer service advice, every sneaky policy, seems to have a laser focus trained on creating overdraft fees. I initially opened my account with a check. I waited the few days advised to begin using my account and debit card, and until my account showed the funds to be available. I was immediately hit with over $300 in overdraft fees. They told me the "back office" decided to put a 10 day hold on the check. The "back office" has the option to do that without warning. They told me since I was a new customer who they didn't know, that it was decided to put a 10 BUSINESS DAY hold on the check. But they knew me well enough to pay all the debits I'd incurred. They'd just help themselves to a $35 overdraft fee per debit. They agreed to give back 1/2 of the overdraft fees, since no one had warned of the 10 business day hold, but still. I should have gotten out then. And the customer service reps answer to everything is that you should open a second, or a third checking account -at $4.99 per month each. TD Bank customer service is like dealing with Comcast: except for telling you to open additional checking accounts, everyone tells you something different and no one seems to know what they are talking about. They do not follow through, and make a mess of your accounts whenever they get involved. Hold times are extremely long and you will put in a lot of hours on the phone and at the branch.

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