The Provident Bank Randolph

1185 Sussex Turnpike, Randolph, NJ 07869

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Branch Phone Number (800) 448-7768

The Provident Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By nocashforyou Dec 20, 2014

    Walk-In Customer Service Lacking

    Have had an account with this bank for 7+ years. Their online banking is fine for my needs, but occasionally i have to go in for my transactions. Those times when i do, it's never busy but yet i have to wait for teller's personal conversations to end before i'm even acknowledged in the lobby. It's unprofessional and irritating. When i cash a check, i'm grilled on whether or not i have an account with them... Even though it's my own provident bank checking account on the check i hand over and i give them id. No matter how many times i have been in over the years, it seems like they still don't know who i am... Or care for that matter. (note: there are different banks in a 1 mile radius to this branch and i have accounts at them all. The experience given at chase, husdon city, etc are much more pleasant. )

    this morning, i witnessed a woman asking if they had a working atm she could use her debit card in as the drive up one was out of order. They didn't, and it took her three attempts to seek a solution until a manager was called over to complete the transaction. Other banks would have fallen over themselves to help her but the response was less than impressive. In all, provident bank really should ramp up their cs training as their tellers could greatly improve customer interaction with a more positive attitude.

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