Umpqua Bank Phoenix Branch

4000 South Pacific Highway, Phoenix, OR 97535

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Umpqua Bank Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By simeconsta Nov 17, 2017

    This 'store' treats its customers with rudeness and long lines.

    I'm very familiar with this Umpqua "'Store" in Phoenix OR. and the folks that work there ; and the only way to describe the service the bank staff delivers is poor and shoddy. It's not unusual to walk through the front doors and see the 4-5 staff members lined up against the wall or staring out into space ;doing an excellent job of goldbricking. As a very small shareholder ,all this is very disconcerting. .. Now ,I know that job security is a major feature of bank employment but a publicly trade bank has a duty to its shareholders as well.
    Now, when these folks do get busy ,they are so slow that a long line immediately forms and given the ages of their clients ,grumbling begins at the knees . .. But to make things worse , a few of these bank specialists can get down right loud and rude for no real reason.
    I wonder if some of these gals working there were raised in a barn..!!!

    Especially sad was when I happened to see an elderly gentleman trying to transfer cash out of his IRA and into his checking so he could get it ;and watching the close to retirement age teller unable to make the transfer. After waiting about 20 minutes ,there she was staring at her comp. screen and trying to read the instructions on how to execute ,only to continue staring and finally initiated a few phone calls ,but to no avail. 20 minutes became 40 minutes and still the old guy was standing scratching his head telling her ,it was an easy procedure since he had it done before by other tellers.
    She told him to quit bugging her. 40 minutes easily became 60 minutes and to make a long story short ,the old guy blew it and told her off. Thankfully she retired from the bank a few months later.

    This is not unusual when dealing with UMPQUA.. too bad ,so sad.. And what about management you ask.. oh ,what management????

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