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150 Main Street, Bristol, CT 06010

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    Reviewed By Lori Apr 12, 2013

    Tired of having my money stolen

    I am finally going to close out my account. This bank, even after the class action lawsuit continues to stack incoming debits. The most recent occurrence for our account started out with a debit actually clearing (according to the online statement) showing a balance left in our account. The very next transaction came in and was "pending" showing us that when it cleared it would put our account negative by $1.32. We get notified via text about our balance) & immediately went to the bank to put cash in through the ATM (the one that actually counts the cash as it goes in). That amount remained "pending" for the next two days. We then put in a deposit of cash to cover our bills, which remained "pending". When I looked at my online banking a day later I now see the debit that had shown cleared with no negative balance was now presented as having NSF with a $37 chg; the next check for which we scurried to the bank to "cover" another $37. When I called the bank about I was told this is my fault that I should keep an eye on my check register! I did get an admittance that what we see online DOES NOT reflect what other transactions are in the background as "pending". It didn't stop there, I kept watching my account-each transaction as it was "cleared", I knew what was coming in against my account and would have had a decent amount left after all was paid - even with the $74 they took from my account and refused to return to me. Then three things (of lower amounts) that were cleared suddenly had 3 more chgs of $37 each against them. Why? Webster Bank put in a larger charge in front of them 3 days after they cleared. $185 in overdraft fees starting from one charge that should not have happened created a complete domino effect in our account. If it's my fault I don't dispute the fees - this was not my fault. The average person would be arrested for committing such a crime. Don't do business with this this bank!

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    Webster Bank

    Replied on Apr 17, 2013

    Hi Nodine,

    We've sent your review to our customer service team and asked that someone reach out and give you a call to discuss. We can't post any of your sensitive financial information online, but do have options that can help you avoid these types of situations that we will talk with you about over the phone. We will also record your comments with our Voice of the Customer program so your comments are heard.