Webster Bank Hartford Branch

108 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105

Asylum Hill Location

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Branch Phone Number (860) 723-5440

Webster Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By oneofmanyvictims Jun 3, 2015


    I find it completely shocking that a large corporation can get away with out right thievery. They set up the customer by clearing checks prior to the actual clearing so that if it doesn't clear they can charge you I made it clear if money was not available that I want the transaction declined. Well they have a set up for that to they offer to pay anyway and then charge you 37 dollars per OD. I have paid thousands to this corporate gang of thieves. They also cant seem to keep up with balances. So instead of real time balences they post date the withdrawls on holidays and weekends so that you think you have X but you really have Y so they can charge you again. I have paid thoudsands for charges like coffee,a bottle of milk,a loaf of bread, 37 dollars plus 2.50 for a coffee. They claim its all your own fault for not reading the fine print or keeping a checking ledger. Well I dont make enough to need a ledger and what is the point of doing everything electronically if you have to keep a ledger anyway and when you can get you balance in two seconds on your phone or ATM. I was lied to and facts were omitted many times and I had to pay for every one. They get away with this because who can fight the bank with all its money? I am so disgusted with this "bank" Oh and they will not put a stop to auto withdrawals I had two places that refused to stop auto withdrawing and the "bank" paid them every time and charged me. Also when I tried to close the acct to stop the madness the lady yvonne laughed to her self while telling me she could not close it with a balence in the red. So many times after begging her to please close it or freeze it something so these online auto pays could not just keep taking from me she said there is nothing she could do until it was not in the red. So the cycle just continues at 5 dollars per day. This "bank" has many policy making people who belong in prison not sipping cocktails from our hard earned money. F webster "bank"

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