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Wells Fargo Phoenix Main Branch

100 West Washington - 1st. Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Central City Location

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Branch Phone Number 602-378-4644

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By jose+hernandez Nov 13, 2013

    Service Reps Unable To Make On The Spot Judgement Calls.

    I have been making payments on my wf visa credit card the last 10 months in the amounts between $500 to $1000 bucks. In October my $800 payment went in one day before statement closing day. In November 12 i noticed late charges of $45 dollars due. My fruitless argument with the service rep. Led nowhere arguing the bank was following rules. All the effort on my part on paying my debt to the establishment was not enough because the rep's goal is to make the bank more money, not to satisfy customers. My request to close the account was immediate and look forward to spend money only if i have it.

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    Reviewed By fsford Jan 31, 2014

    Awful! Still waiting to recieve personal funds deposited and never allowed access to!

    We started a business account with WF with a personal check written to me from a relative. Because we had no local physical address at the time they couldn't open the account. They didn't tell me this. I just found it out when I went to buy some restaurant equipment and found that there was no way to pay for it. I went in asked the reason, and decided to close the account. I was told that in ten business days I would receive a check for the amount. Now, almost a month later, no check. They have told me a whole bunch of different stories about where the funds are. They haven't been mailed yet. They were mailed to an address six year out of date. They were FedEx'ed to the non-existent physical address. They were snail mailed to that same address. So I missed work for a week and stayed on scene to make sure the check was received. Nothing showed up. I am now told that I have to go into the nearest pffice and petition to have a stop payment made on the chack (that may not exist), and ask for a new one, starting the whole process again. Something is fishy here. Nobody is that incompetent. All I want is my funds back. They are legitimately mine. There was no issue with the check. Because of this fiasco, we have missed payments, affecting our credit rating, missed out on business dealing that would have been advantageous to our budding business, and had to take out a bridge loan to complete a deal or be in breach of contract. That budding business, by the way, is now no more. We couldn't keep it going out of our own pockets. So Wells Fargo killed my business before it even started! TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE! These folks are cheats!

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    Reviewed By client Dec 12, 2013


    Business banker on my account did not know how to process my applications regarding a small business line of credit. Due to her lack of knowledge, and lying to the underwriter to cover herself, my LOC was denied.

    When I attempted to reach the bank manager, she returned my call once at 7:00 PM, then never called me again.

    Terrible banking knowledge and even worse customer service.

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