Wells Fargo Trabuco & El Toro Branch

22351 El Toro Road, El Toro, CA 92630

Rancho de los Alisos Location

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Branch Phone Number 949-380-1928

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By jen p. May 1, 2013

    How does pitiful sound?

    I used to use Wells Fargo for all my banking. The branch tellers were great, but the corporate "thinkers" must be nuts.
    After a most horrible experience getting a mortgage (they wanted to know if I had a "personal" relationship with my deceased landlord or his executor brother), I was irritated enough.

    Then when the bank kept erroneously adding fees for a no fee account which could only be reversed by a personal visit to the bank manager. So, being a comparison shopper I moved my .02% interest account elsewhere.

    Stupid me kept my business credit card account. Never been late - always pay in full each month and one time I forgot to pay the bill. They immediately shut down my card (no courtesy call until this was in effect for several days.

    I immediately made a payment online - then when I called to ask for a release on the card, they "wouldn't" yet. I guess online payments don't move at the speed one would think. Slower than snail mail.

    Okay, I waited it out. Then when I asked for a courtesy waiver of the late fee, they said I could get half a fee waiver. So much for gratitude for loyalty.

    It's a pitiful display of customer relationship - but I suppose if their goal is to get rid of small business business, they are doing a grand job.

    Customer relationship rating is zero - too bad they don't offer this in the grading.

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