Wells Fargo Glendale-East Colorado Branch

1416 East Colorado Street, Glendale, CA 91205

Somerset Location

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Branch Phone Number 818-265-1372

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By dee+dee Feb 1, 2013

    bad credit card experience

    Left on 7 week trip and called all my credit card companies and notified them I would be traveling across usa and they would see different zip codes entered by me at gas stations etc. called on about dec 6. Wells Fargo phone agent kept on asking more questions for id purposes, including full social security number, which I refused to give them. other card companies did not ask me that since they all had i d me off my phone number and auto service calls and my name, address, security answer, etc. then an agent would take my request. I did not use wells fargo card for six weeks. Wells credit card co. sent me a first class letter dated dec 26 stating if they did not hear from me in 30 days they would cancel my card. I returned jan 30th and retrieved my mail at US Post office so i missed calling them by a few days. I called but the card was cancelled and Wells refused to reinstate it. That cancellation may effect my credit score but they could care less. I went to my local Wells Fargo Bank and a great banker had never heard about this either. he was as curious as I was. He spent 30 minutes on the phone with wells fargo credit card phone service and was bounced around for the entire 30 minutes. I am retired so i had time to listen. Wells fargo cancelled my card without even calling me on the phone before sending the letter. I closed my Wells fargo banking accounts. Well must have fraud problems or computer hackers. no personal service at their credit card phone service. one of my other banks is directly across the street. goodbye wells fargo. you lost a customer who has never missed a full monthly payment on time for fifty years for any credit card or mortage co.

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