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Wells Fargo Broadway/Spring Center Branch

333 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 213-972-0825

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

3 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By J M. Apr 9, 2012

    Poor Communication

    Generally, i don't exercise my opinions on these type of sites. if anything i believe in carma. I treat others well, & hope for the same in return. Since Wachovias name change i feel i have major communication issues with this financial loan institution. For example, i have been fighting wth them for 7 months now to remove a late payment charge i refuse to pay becuase the payment was made on time, check cleared, & penalty was still assesed even after proof of cashed payment before due date. then again, same thing happened last month. They refuse to remove the fees even after i again provided proof of payment cleared before the due date. I am very frustrated i can not understand why a bank would handle a situation like this so poorly. Bottum line, you have proof of cleared payment before due date from you bank, and somehow they posted the payment late and charged there fees. This is just not acceptable. Now to stop this, i will just pay off the vehicle to avoid further communication with them, however this means i have to burn out my savings just becuase a loan holder can not be trusted? why should i have to go this extent? others not so fortunate might not be able to resolve this way will continue to have these problems until the end of the loan & will have paid lots of uneeded fees that the company pockets, but leaving the custom broke, or have paid much more then the vehicle is worth. If you read this, please, find a a different bank. Its not worth the agrivation.

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    Reviewed By m_lopez21 Aug 16, 2013

    Absolutely love my bank and would never switch!

    Inside the Vons off Palmdale Blvd in Palmdale,CA a young lady named diana always helps me and is the most helpful person.She makes my banking experience pleasing. When I've had issues she has made sure to direct me to the right person. Wells Fargo exceeds my needs and I just love it!

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    Reviewed By Sabowen36 Feb 28, 2014

    Poor and EXPENSIVE

    Not exactly sure why Wells Fargo posts withdrawals first. I use online bill pay and auto transfers for all of my bills. I also have direct deposit. My paycheck hit my account last night but so did a bill payment. Because my balance was low and Wells Fargo seems to want to make its clients pay, I was assessed a $25 overdraft fee simply because the processed my 1 bill before my account could only have been overdrawn for the second it took to automatically post my paycheck. To me that's an example of a company who's created a business model solely to exploit their customers.
    I understand that if I'm overdrawn I'll owe money but really? You couldn't have just posted my paycheck first? I understand that most big banks do this BUT not all of them do, so thanks Wells Fargo. I'll be moving my account to Union Bank- or
    Better yet- a credit union.

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