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Wells Fargo Market-California Branch

1 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

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Branch Phone Number 415-396-2779

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By thinktank Sep 3, 2014

    worst customer service - pls don't bank with this branch

    bank employees in this branch give you wrong information all the time. they are not even apologetic about wasting my time for having me make multiple trips to the bank for the same service. they say they will follow-up on your request, they never call you back and never return your calls. they say YES to everything to get you to open a new account and later you will have all these service charges on your accounts which were supposed to be taken care of when opening the account. save your time and money and bank someplace else.


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    Reviewed By Letterman Feb 25, 2013

    Longtime Home Mortgage Borrower

    I tried to pay off my loan through a personal check at a local WF branch. Never ever expect this Bank to accommodate the customer's needs. They would not let me pay by check, instead they wanted me to wire them the funds ($30 fee). When I asked if I could just pay off the current balance and then receive a final bill for the remaining fees and interest, the personal banker said yes.

    She called the mortgage lending department to confirm that once I received the final bill, I could come back into the branch to pay the remainder through another personal check. She however did not get the name of the person who authorized this. Once I got the letter and brought in my check to the same banker, this was no longer an option. Instead I was forced to purchase a cashier's check and overnight it (another $30 total). I guess from my perspective, I would've really appreciated if the Branch acted as the intermediary to assist a long time customer. Rather, the run around wasted my time and energy and at the end of the day cost me extra money.

    Why should a borrower have to pay any additional amount of money to pay off a loan (outside of the normal fees)? Another option was to call the toll free number and use my credit card. This would've been fine except that number goes to a voicemail that warns of a 5-7 business day return call. So what I gather from all this is that WF doesn't want you to pay off your loan. They would rather keep you paying interest and fees for as long as they possibly can. They also don't believe in customer service and would rather waste our time and money than change one tiny step of their rigorous and archaic processes. I will try to avoid them in the future at all costs.

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