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Wells Fargo 4th & Main Branch

101 W 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Downtown Santa Ana Location

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Branch Phone Number 714-541-7080

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Melei C. Feb 20, 2014

    Horrible, lack of care and customer service, lacking acceptable response time to serious banking issues such as fraud!

    I have been a Wells Fargo customer for about a year, my overall experience is very negative. When I opened my account I was promised no monthly fees, fraud and identity theft protection and that is completely FALSE! I get random monthly fees every so often that I have to go into a bank to dispute and my account has been fraudulently accesses and charged by scammers 3 times in the past 6 months! I was promised by Wells Fargo after the first incident that this would be closely watched and I was issued a new debit card to avoid further transactions from the thief's, well a few weeks later the 2nd set of fraudulent charges came through and as I questioned the bank they stated that even though the original debit card number was reported stolen and was cancelled it was still able to be used by the scammers because they listed the charges as a re occurring payment and Wells Fargo told me they would report the fraud and the company involved so that it would not hit my account again. Now some months later I have more fraud occurring on my account, coming from the original debit card number that was reported stolen and cancelled! How is Wells Fargo allowing my stolen card number to continue to be used and charged to my account!? I have had several encounters with customer service and personal bankers in the branch and they are very neglectful, inaccurate and unknowledgeable about banking and procedures! I was supposed to receive a call back 2 weeks ago about a monthly service charge that was taken from my account in error AGAIN and still have heard nothing! I will be sure to let everyone in every way know that banking with Wells Fargo is dangerous! You can be a victim too if you chose to bank here! My identity has been stolen, my hard earned money has been stolen and all thanks to Wells Fargo and their inability to maintain a protected system for their customers! Go ask them an intelligent question about banking, I bet they will not have an answer for you! DANGER!

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    Reviewed By Karapet b. Feb 25, 2014

    Worst bank manager (couldn't solve my problem)

    I finally found an amazing deal online for our honeymoon, at and i tried to purchase with my check card it denied. I called customer service, they said its over my spending limit . I told the rep who was helping, but i have money in there and i need to shop online the deal might go away and that it was urgent . She said sorry her i cant help you, you can go to any branch and they can raise your spending limit . I told her, banks are closed now i cant't wait. What if i lose this amazing deal, she said sorry for everything good luck. Why do they tell me how much my limit is, that should be up to me. So the world most horrible manger. I walked into the bank located at Van Nuys blvd and vanowen, van nuys ca. I asked for a bankers assistance. The banker came and greeted me and we sat down. I told him my story and he tried some stuff but he wasn't allowed to raise it. He told me you need to contact the person who opened up your account and they have to do it. I called the person and he told me he didn't open it someone else did, and he has her employee number now. So I told him my story, no help. He said go to the bank manager at the bank and ask for him to raise my limit for only this purchase. I walked back in the bank again. I asked for the manager, he saw me but he was in his office talking very loud to someone on the phone laughing, joking having fun in his office. I waited and waited for like 20 minutes. I look at my time and realized i been at the bank for an hour. So i said how long do i have to wait, out loud so he will hear. Then he told the person on the phone, let me call you right back. I was like wow, ok, he made me wait so he can call back the person still. Anyways, i walked in the office and told him my story thinking finally this Guy will help me. I told him i will do the purchase on my phone right now on my phone, infront of u and u can close it. He denied me with every excuse there is. I called and the rep called bank and did it

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