Wells Fargo Santa Monica Airport Branch

2940 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Sunset Park Location

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Branch Phone Number 310-450-0749

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Cory B. Apr 4, 2013


    Wells Fargo has by far and away the worst customer service of any bank. Every time I call about an issue, I receive a route by the book cookie cutter answer that does nothing for me.

    My latest experience involved automatic debits and insufficient fund fees. I had insufficient funds to cover an auto debit and thus I received a 35 dollar insufficient funds fee. My fault obviously. The problem lies in the fact that over the course of two days, before I even checked my account the auto debit had tried three more times and of course each time Wells Fargo collected their 35 dollar fee. Instead of blocking the attempt and letting me deal with the company, they allowed it through. Luckily I caught it after 4 attempts. Had I been away say, 4 days I would have owed Wells Fargo over 500 dollars. I 4 days!!!! Instead of protecting a long standing customer, they chose to answer me with a latter saying, to bad, we didn't break any rules. We aren't going to work or help you. Terrible bank.

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