Wells Fargo Aurora Branch

9000 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80010

Delmar Parkway Location

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Branch Phone Number 303-360-4846

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By tmkhaling61 Mar 25, 2014

    This place is really bad place to do the banking or any transaction. Be careful guys, they steal.

    This Bank is really bad place to do the any transaction like banking, depositing, and etc. Be careful guys! They steal your money from your bank or from check. Let me tell you my experience with this bank.

    I have bank account with Wells Fargo. I went to cash my money orders. They told me you can't cash this money orders here and I asked them why? Teller told me the system it won't let you that and I deposit that $2000 in my account. She told me you can take cash tomorrow. I go over there next day. I got cash from there. But later on I went to shopping center to buy some stuff. My card is decline. It surprised me and I come to home I looked my account. There was negative balance. I called the 24 hour services department. They told me one check is went back to you.

    The next I went to the bank. I try to find what is going on. I talk to same teller she try to explain. She can't explain everything to. She got assistance. She is really awful to me. She try to blame me and Western Union. I talk to service manager he try help me but he told me to put more money in the bank because I have negative balance over there. I did same thing what ever he told me do it. Latter on we find out the that $500 check is lost by bank people. I don't know where they put on. I am still on the process right now is already 2 week. They did not take me. They told me to call the Western Union. I called them and I find out process is to long to get only $500. They told me it takes like 6 to 8 week.

    Please guys be careful over here. This message is for everyone. I have bad experience with this Bank.

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