Wells Fargo Castle Rock South Branch

445 South Perry Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104

Downtown Castle Rock Location

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Branch Phone Number 303-660-2460

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Charolette+Sometimes Nov 6, 2013

    Well Fargo does not value long-term customers

    I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for 20 years and am looking forward to dissolving my relationship with them completely. I ran into some financial difficulties that caused me to fall behind on some of my payments. Instead of offering flexibility to allow me the opportunity to catch up, they would call several times a day to harass me for a payment I already said I could not manage. My excellent history with them on my student loans, my 2 car loans, my loyalty and previous good payment history on all of my accounts meant absolutely nothing to them in the face of what I currently owed. I genuinely want to pay what I owe. I mean, I've been a loyal customer to them for a very long time and I don't tend to take my responsibilities lightly but they made it impossible for me to pay them. I would try to pay what I could but would end up owing more the next month than I did the previous. Like throwing good money after bad. 9 times out of 10 the customer service representatives were cavalier and disrespectful. The only reason I have rated the online tools favorably is because they allowed me to conduct my business without having to speak with one of their people. At this point I am working with a credit counselor and am working hard on getting back on track. however, I strongly discourage anyone from doing any type of business with Wells Fargo. Your loyalty does not factor into their business model. If I could make one suggestion to Wells Fargo it would be to handle their collections process with a little more flexibility and compassion. Make it a little easier for people and you may not have to write-off so many bad debts, take people to court, or bully them until they are nervous wrecks or practically suicidal over the money they owe you. Learn how to treat people with a bit of dignity. Its really not that difficult.

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