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Wells Fargo Lsg Colorado Pb Office

1700 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80203

Uptown Location

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Branch Phone Number 303-863-5559

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Beverly B. Aug 1, 2012

    Stay away from this bank! Far, far away..

    We've had a personal checking and a business account with Wells fargo since 1992. At first we loved the free checking accounts and never had a problem at all. But in the past year or two, we have become more & more dissatisfied. Actually, that's not the word I would use today to describe our feelings about this bank. Their customer service has become over-the top friendly in direct proportion to the sneaky fees they zap. All of a sudden there's a "monthly service" fee and a "monthly statement" fee and "it's a rainy day" fee and "it's NOT a rainy day" fee....

    When I saw the "monthly service" fee for the first time, I called and asked what it was, and the VERY chummy employee sang, " OH! Would you like me to reverse that for you? I'll be VERY HAPPY to do that! just for YOUUU!" So it was.

    I asked her to reinstate my fee free account so I wouldn't have to call again. "OH! blah, blah THIS!" and "double-talk THAT!" Several setences later I tuned out, knowing that my fee free checking days were over. I was right. If I call, they are EAGER to refund the MONTHLY SERVICE FEE but otherwise, they hope & pray I won't notice.

    I had to go into a Wells Fargo bank recently to inquire about yet another fee and they now actually have a greeter who stands at the door, and SINGS to you as you enter, "WELL, H-E-L-L-OOOO! WHAT may we DO for you today??? Would you like a LOLLIPOP?! You look like someone who could use a LOLLIPOP!"

    DO I have "SUCKER" stamped on my forehead?? Thank you, Wells Fargo happy-greeter-person! I must be a sucker to stay with Wells Fargo. If I survive the "closing your account" fee, the "please don't go away" fee and the "how can we live without you" fee, you'll find me at

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    Reviewed By Deborah S. Feb 19, 2013

    Indifferent To Their Customer

    A couple years ago i opened an account with wfb, both free checking and free savings. Somewhere along the line the bank changes my accounts from free to a fee. This is not my primary nor secondary account, it was my vacation fund. Early this month i went online to review the balances with the intent of increasing them. Then i learn i have been charged $90. 00 in fees for the past 9 months. Last week i went into the bank, only to be told by the associate that she had no power to make any of those decisions and the manager was not available. Today i go into a different branch and ask for a manager.

    He makes every effort to explain and assist me. However he states his ability to resolve my issues were limited. He gives me a phone number to call for further assistance. Upon speaking with the phone banker, she was not interested in my account and suggested that maybe this was not the right bank for me. There would be no crediting my account of the fees that had been taken out. They only want your money if it is a large amount in the account. Otherwise they have no interest in you as a customer!

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    Reviewed By Joe M. Aug 27, 2013

    It couldn't possibly have been worse

    I was on the phone waiting for the downtown branch to answer. Finally I gave up and had to drive down to see if I left my glasses at the Safe Deposit area. They were not there and the manager I spoke to, some self absorbed metro sexual responded to my frustration with "Sir, this is the busiest branch in the city, then he turned on his well polished shoes and literally swished away. Used to be in Private banking, once they got the account the nasty crappy service began. You enjoy being treated like dirt by people who make money off you and whose jobs depend on you then this is the bank for you. I am in Chase and what a bunch of sincere, helpful, nice people, not like the self absorbed snots at Wells Fargo! Maybe that is why with a couple of hundred reviews they only got two stars, that is optimistic.

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