Wells Fargo South Trail Branch

2891 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34239

Long Meadow Location

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Branch Phone Number 941-961-1880

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Consumer_In_Shock Oct 12, 2017

    Deposited a check for one biz ..they credited a completely different biz account. Different owners. No similarities in the company names...

    This is only relating to the Wells Fargo branch on the corner of Webber and S Tamiami Trail. Blithering idiots. I made a deposit into one business account at the drive thru and the teller deposited the check into a different business's account!!! Two completely different businesses. Two different accounts. The names of the businesses are not even remotely similar. Two totally different owners. Businesses are separate entities.... there could be NO mistake if she was paying attention, looking at the "Pay To:" line of the check.

    FYI, the company name was also written on the back of the check, along with the signature and the words "For Deposit." Are you KIDDING me? How did I find out? Return to the office and about to pay bills, open the account summary and WHAT????

    How does this happen? Branch manager is unavailable. The lady on the phone literally told me to transfer the money to the correct account after it clears tomorrow and they'd help me to transfer. Really? That is NOT how it works. You don't transfer funds from the wrong business account to the correct one! I didn't make a mistake. What is wrong here? What do I tell the client with the W-9, and the owner of the business, and the accountants and the IRS? How do you explain a money going into an account where it doesn't belong?

    I had to call my bank rep, who is AWESOME, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about all banking procedures, credit, my regular branch, to call over to the backwards Webber branch and straighten it out the right way. Heads up...she works at the Palmer Ranch branch and everyone there is quick, efficient and smiles! Shame on me for not driving the extra miles!

    What a disaster! What a screwed up place!! Stay away!!!! I have to say I am miffed and livid that this has occurred. It's not a minor error! The fact that the rep at Webber told me I would have to fix it by transferring... that they couldn't and that the accounts would have to show the deposit in error and then funds moved? That was incorrect information and completely unprofessional.

    I am miffed! Not even 1 star. Unacceptable.

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