Wells Fargo Waterloo Branch

191 West Fifth Street, Waterloo, IA 50701

Downtown Waterloo Location

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Branch Phone Number 319-235-4800

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Kyle Mar 10, 2013

    Without A Doubt, The Worst Bank In America. Avoid At All Costs

    I had originally closed my account there due to many of the aforementioned problems listed in prior reviews (high interest rates, poor customer service, and the like) and i finally thought to be done with these incompetent idiots. When i closed my account, i paid my credit card off in full and had them transfer the balance on the card to the credit card from my new bank, which had much lower interest rates (shocking, right? ). Nothing comes from these fools for a year. One day, i randomly get a bill from them saying i have a 20 dollar balance that needs to be paid on my credit card. I thought this was strange since i had closed my account, paid in full, and destroyed the cc. I just assumed it was a glitch and didn't think anymore into it. Next month comes around, i get the same thing in the mail, 20 dollar balance. So this time i call customer service. They tell me i have nothing to worry about, they've taken care of it. They even send me a confirmation letter that my account's been closed and paid in full. Next month comes, i again get a bill from them, except this time it says those missed payments affected my credit rating. So i go to the local branch manager for help. She calls customer service and gets things reversed, finally. I got another bill the next month, this time only three dollars. Apparently when they make an error, you still have to pay the interest/fees that has built up. She gave me her email and told me to email her if i had anymore questions. When i did send her emails, she made no concerting attempt at all to help and would send back ten word answers telling me to use google. Also, if you're looking for a student loan, go elsewhere. I got a 3,500 dollar loan my freshman year for college. Paid off 1,300 dollars (just in interest) while college. When i got done with college and entered repayment, i still owed 3700 dollars on it because the interest rate was 7. 9%!! Are you serious?!? I can continue but am only allowed 2000 characters :/
    avoid wf

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