Wells Fargo Old Saint Anthony Branch

425 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Nicollet Island Location

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Branch Phone Number 612-667-1334

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    Reviewed By baliwed Sep 11, 2014

    Stay Away From Roseville, Northeast Mpls

    Poor service. Business banker went against my wishes, and sent in a application for a credit card anyway. Earlier, i had asked him, 'please do not send in that application, b/c i don't want another ding on my credit score," He was so pushy, that he just went ahead and sent the application in anyhow, and disregarded my request.

    That credit fiasco irritated me, but the most pathetic of all moves was two months ago, i had a "Fraud Attempt" on my business account. For whatever reason, the "fraud attempt" was simply me moving money over from one account to the other on a sunday, from an atm cash machine. There was no issue here. There was no one breaking into any accounts. Wellsfargo proceeded to take it upon themselves to freeze not only our business account, but also my personal account, for 15 days!! (how was i supposed to run a business, having the business' checking account frozen?!

    I had 8 staff member i was supposed to pay, somehow) i was told they needed to "look into the security breech" and "we're trying to figure out what to do about this," I begged and pleaded with them, asking them not to take any drastic measures, as i have 8 staff members that put food on the tables at home. Well, after struggling along for over two weeks not having the ability to deposit any income, nor pay any bills, they decided to disregard any of my pleas and said, "yeah, we've decided we're going to close these accounts. Both of them. Good luck and goodbye."

    what?! Wow, i surely didn't think that something drastic was going to really happen, just from a simple maneuver at an atm cash machine on a sunday afternoon. Well, believe it because it sure did happen!! And we are not "out of the woods yet," but so far our business hasn't gone under, but it sure it close!

    ***stay away from wells fargo in general, but surely stay away from the roseville, mn fairview branch and northeast mpls 425 e. Hennepin ave branch too!!

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