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600 South 4th Street, Suite 220, Minneapolis, MN 55415

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    Reviewed By sshotts Nov 2, 2017

    Bank Manager Hangs Up On Me

    Made an appointment to meet in person concerning our account as the CEO Mr. Sloan said to do. We chose to make an appointment instead of walking in off the cuff. One of the "bankers" called to get info on what we were coming in about and hung up the phone on me. The bank manager called me back and wanted me to reiterate to him the entire conversation of what I had already told the "banker". I informed him that we were at the police/sheriff's department doing a report on the continued fraud made on our account by Wells Fargo Dealer Services employees and couldn't but he could meet with his "banker" and they could apprise him of the info that we tried to give to her - right before she hung up on us. We asked if we could bring the news media with us since WFDS has already given all of our info away to a stranger, there is no longer proprietary information to be kept secret; we have no problem being an open book and since we have been trying to resolve all the issues with our account for over a year now, we are open to any help from any source we can get. He told me he couldn't waste any more time with me, 15 minutes was too much. Okay...........let's go with that - 15 minutes compared to full-time effort x2 people for over a year to make no progress more than opening the three formal complaints with the Office of the President. That totally equals out to being fair. Meanwhile, WF employees are still accessing my account, still committing fraud on my account and your way of dealing with it is to 1) have your "banker" hang up on me, and also 2) hang up on me as well. According to the WF Employee Manual and Handbook, page 198 Immediate Termination - Bullet #4 Violations of the standards for appropriate workplace behavior described in the Team member Professionalism section of the employee handbook defines this as *Workplace Conduct - Your actions must always reflect the highest possible standards of business conduct and ethics. Youre expected to use good judgment, integrity, and common sense in making work-related decisions and to be accountable for your actions. This includes avoiding obscene, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or abusive conduct that is likely to damage Wells Fargo's business or reputation, or that could be disparaging to customers. The way you handle interactions, in person, in writing, or electronically with your fellow team members is important to the success of your work environment. Exhibiting unprofessional and inappropriate workplace behavior violates Wells Fargos policies. Bullet #11 is insubordination, page 20 of the glossary section in your handbook states that it includes but is not limited to situations when: A team member fails or refuses to follow a manager's lawful instructions or perform assigned work. A team member refuses to stop an activity, behavior, or language that a manager has directed him or her to stop. A team members language or verbal or physical conduct in the workplace is openly hostile or inappropriate. When you treat account holders with disdain and disrespect, you are making their problems worse, not better with your actions. We apologize that your 15 minutes is so much more important than the time we have spent to correct grievous errors made on our account by employees of WF, two of which the both of you are. So far to date, we have spent 6500 hours trying to fix what you continue to break - thanks for absolutely, positively your best efforts. Cancel my in person interview with the "banker" that hung up on me. I have a feeling that no respect will be shown to me after driving 2-1/2 hours (one way) to get to my appointment through snow and ice if simple respect on the phone can't be shown in less than 15 minutes. Shame on the both of you. Hope your company is proud of the result of endless hours of training, manuals and policies all of which you are technically mandated to follow - you fail them and more importantly us, as well.

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