Wells Fargo Omaha Main Branch

1919 Douglas Street, Omaha, NE 68102

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 402-536-2022

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By April Mar 18, 2013

    Absolute Worst Banking Experience Ever

    There is no logic or consistency to wells fargo's banking practices. They claim to offer "free" checking but fail to explain all of the various hoops you have to jump through to avoid their fees. Instead, they wait for you to stumble across this info. First, they make you open two accounts (checking & savings) when you only need or want one. (the first guy signed me up for four accounts! ) then they make you set up automatic transfers from one account to the other. Oh but it's okay, they assure you, because you can transfer the money back the next day.

    But, see, what they don't tell you is that if, for some reason, that transfer isn't completed, you'll get charged a fee on the checking account and the savings account will get closed because there were no deposits made in 30 days. And the checking fee is charged because you no longer have a savings account. Once you straighten that out, then you'll accidentally learn about the debit card requirement and how you have to use your card at least 10 times per month or you get charged a fee. So, yeah, you get penalized for not spending your own money. Also, your transactions will magically disappear and reappear online. Then when you get hit with an insufficient funds fee because of one of these other charges, they'll enroll you in overdraft protection without telling you.

    And they'll move the $25 from checking to savings before processing transactions then charge you $35 for an nsf fee even though overdraft protection is only $12. 50. Either way, they charge you for covering your transactions with your own money. Oh but if you call and complain about yet another stupid fee for a stupid rule no one told you about, be prepared for a sales pitch. After screwing you over, they'll ask you to set up yet another account or a credit card or loan consolidation. I've got one family member who already closed an account and i've changed my mind about opening up a savings account for my kid. Keep away from wells fargo!

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