Wells Fargo Millard Main Branch

13259 Millard Avenue, Omaha, NE 68137

Old Millard East Location

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Branch Phone Number 402-536-2950

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By OmahaBanker May 29, 2013

    One employee drove my 22 year patronage away.

    I have had numerous accounts with this financial institution including checking, savings, CD's, credit card, and student loan. My experience over the last 22 years have been satisfactory until recently. I visited my local branch where I sat down with a banker to change some of my basic personal information. At that time, he turned his computer monitor and keyboard to me and had me sign into my on-line account. Assuming this was procedure, I did as instructed. He turned the monitor back around and finished the visit.

    To condense a long story, with his access to my on-line banking, this banker signed me up for additional services on my account without my permission or knowledge. After speaking with other staff with Wells Fargo, I learned that accessing a customer's online banking is against policy. It was also admitted that Wells Fargo bankers are under pressure to meet a quota to sign customers up for certain services. I had contributed to his "numbers" without consent. On a side note- this service has a monthly fee!

    I felt used and that my privacy and control over my accounts had been violated. I decided after this experience that I can not trust this financial institution and went to the branch manager with the situation and closed my accounts.

    I find it funny that the business card of the gentleman that did this to me reads: "The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from friends and customers."

    Since there was no denial by the branch manager that he did this act, I do not feel bad to let the public know that [Redacted] at the Wells Fargo Regency branch in Omaha, Nebraska will not receive any compliments from me.

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