Wells Fargo Lakes East Branch

8190 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Canyon Gate Location

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Branch Phone Number 702-765-1803

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Josephine J. Jun 20, 2013

    I Will Not Recommend Wells Fargo Bank To Anyone Due To My Experience

    If you are planning to refinance your property, wells fargo bank is the last bank that you would want to go to. I went to wells fargo bank for a refinancing and was asked to pay an appraisal fees of $695. The loan department appointed an appraiser who failed to value my property at the market value, under estimating it by $74,500. Based on the wrong under valuation, the bank rejected my application on the unjustified reason of "insufficient assets to close" after putting me through a stressful and costly process. It is extremely disappointing and upsetting that a well-known bank like wells fargo would appoint appraisers who could not even carry out a proper market valuation resulting in customers being rejected unfairly and incurring unnecessary appraisal costs. After that, i went to one nevada credit union which had no problem appraising my house realistically at the market value (above the appraisal value given by wells fargo) and approved my loan. When i went to wells fargo with documentary proof of one nevada credit union's appraisal of my house and requested that wells fargo refund my appraisal fees on grounds of wrongful appraisal, wells fargo refused to do so. This is such a bad reflection on wells fargo bank professionalism and customer service. Given my bad experience with the bank, i will definitely not recommend wells fargo bank to anyone. From: josephine jennison las vegas

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