Wells Fargo Exeter Commons Branch

4665 Perkiomen Avenue, Reading, PA 19606

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Branch Phone Number 610-370-2393

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By tink624a Mar 12, 2014


    My sons father sent a check to my son (who is a minor). I had my son sign the check and i went to wells fargo since they were the issuer of the check. I went to the teller (indian woman, last name muppetsomething) to cash the check and explained my sons father wrote him a check like a dummy and my son is a minor so i had to cash it since i have id. She asked if i have an account. No, i dont have an account, the check is a wells fargo check, which is why i went to wells fargo. She said i cant cash it without an account. I pointed out its a wells fargo check and she rolled her eyes as if she was being put out and typed in the info on her little computer. Next she asks for 2 forms of id which i give her. She then looks at me and has the nerve to say "this check isn't written out to you". I know! I had just finished telling her about my son being a minor. She then says she cant cash it. I say my son has no id, if ii brought him in could you cash it? She says no, theres no way to know that whoever you bring in is him. I've done this before with other banks no problem, she just seemed to enjoy being difficult. I ask what i can do with the check and she tells me to open an account with them. Why would i do that? Because of this terrible experience? I have a bank account, i just was near a wells fargo and figured i'd cash this stupid check while i ws there. She was unfriendly, unhelpful and rude. I tried to complain on their website but of course you can't reach customer service without an account # and have to be a registered user on their website. I really truly hope this muppet woman gets fired, she's terrible at customer service and should not be working as a teller with such a terrible attitude.

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