Wells Fargo Preston Center Branch

5938 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75225

Park Cities Location

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Branch Phone Number 214-265-5000

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    Reviewed By callim Jan 24, 2014


    We were looking into purchasing our first home (a condo) and decided to go with Wells Fargo Home mortgage because we had enjoyed working with them in the past. We found the condo we wanted and began the process to get pre qualified. The Wells Fargo mortgage consultant who was over our loan never gave me an exact list of the documents he would need to get our loan moving. He would call or email every other day or so requesting documents. A lot of the time I would have to be calling him for an updated. Our realtor kept asking why things were taking so long and she began emailing him to get things moving.
    We had agreed that the sellers of our home would pay so much of our closing cost which came out to more than 3% of the total loan value. Both our realtor and myself confirmed with our mortgage consultant that WF didn't have a limit to sellers contribution. We had this in writing. He also told us we could do our own escrow.
    Well two days before we were supposed to close our mortgage consultant emailed our realtor, not me to inform us that there is a sellers cap. I also found out with our type of loan we can't do our own escrow. We missed our closing date.After weeks and hours of hammering the people at the corporate offices they looked into our loan and denied it because the property was considered to risky for them because it was 30% investment property. This should have been done first thing, not a month down the road.I also found out that this property we were looking into, does not accept conventional loans. I was told our mortgage consultant should have first looked at this. Now I am fighting to get WF to pay for the money we lost because of them. Ernest money, inspection fees, etc. We now have no home. We will either have to increase our rent payment and go month to month or try to find a place quick. I spent at least two hours every day on the phone and computer with these people fighting for answers and just getting the run around. We are so disappointed.

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