Wells Fargo Brickyard Branch

1255 Brickyard Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Sugar House Location

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Branch Phone Number 801-246-4821

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Debby H. Aug 7, 2014

    Just Wow....

    With the death of my parents, my condo is in limbo! It's mine according to the county and sate and the 18 years of pmts i've made and sorry dad didn't put it in my name when he decided to die during surgery, then mom passed a bit later. You had no clue he was gone till i wanted to refi in my name! I sent all the paperwork and his death cert to your corporate, and it was all good. Then i get another letter stating with my mom being a survivor it is in her name. During this whole thing i'm getting daily calls asking for my parents! Way to be sympathetic! I tell them they are both dead and the condo is mine! You try to call the corporate number and they wont even answer you unless you have the ss# of the owner... I didn't know dad's, hell i barely remember my own! Now, i went inside to make my monthly payment the other day and they can't even find me! I sent an escrow check back to corporate for a large amount of money... Where is that? They tell me they will figure it out and call first thing in the morning, as i hand them 600. 00 for my mortgage pmt.... It's been 3 days, still no call from them, and they don't
    answer! Needless to say i have put a call into my lawyer, he's not one to take any crap!! Totally pissed, and disgusted! Might be seeing you in court!

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