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    Reviewed By lIndzee Nov 8, 2013

    Awful! your money is not protected!

    Wells Fargo in Tooele is who I direct deposit with and someone stole my bank card and was racking up charges in Washington state they said they would help me get back 70/75% of my thousands that was stolen before they even notified me. A few days later they called and said they didn't feel they should be responsible or pay for money that was stolen because i lost my card. On top of all that they were still charging overdraft fees ($35 a charge) to reject all me electronic payments (gas,water,heat, etc.) they were charging the fee to say no? Wtf! so not only was i robbed of my savings from the person who stole my card info Wells Fargo had to go make there money out of my situation as well. They are just as bad as the thieves who stole my card and your money is not protected with this bank. Do not bank with them!

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    Reviewed By nicoles Apr 4, 2014

    "Fraud Protection" is a joke!

    I have been with Wells Fargo for several years, but their true colors have come out when we had a problem. We had someone hack our ATT account and order an iPhone. The charge went through on our bank account and caused several overdrafts fees. We went in and they were seemingly very concerned. They helped us open a new checking account, opened a fraud case, and assured us it would be taken care of.

    It was all downhill from there. Our instant debit cards never worked, so we had no access to our money in our new checking account. We had two paychecks get directly deposited into our old account in the meantime. When we attempted to transfer this money on two separate occasions, the tellers transferred more than we had available. So yep, more overdraft fees! (They ultimately reversed one.) And the cherry on top? They denied our fraud case! We had proof from ATT of the fraudulent charges, but they refused to listen or credit our account or overdraft fees.

    They have a "great" pass the buck system. You go to the branch, and they tell you to call customer service; it is out of their hands. But customer service is a joke! Here is the last email I received:


    Thank you for contacting Wells Fargo. My name is Tavares, and it is my
    pleasure to assist you today.

    I am sorry that the service you received did not meet your expectations.
    Wells Fargo constantly strives to provide you with the highest level of
    customer service.

    I appreciate the time you have taken to provide us with your comments.
    Your concerns are important to us as we strive to better serve our

    I would like to offer our apologies for the inconvenience this
    experience has caused.

    On behalf of Wells Fargo, thank you for your business. We are happy to
    have you as our customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you

    Tavares G
    Wells Fargo Online Customer Service

    What? How about you just fix the problem! Will never do business here again!

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    Reviewed By Joanna Oct 26, 2013


    Wells Fargo is the absolute worst bank I have ever been with. I opened an account just for my Pell Grant checks, so we could keep them completely separate from our main bank. In opening the account, was given a debit card, explained how much they love to 'help people' save money for the future and establish good money habits. I opened the account in April, deposited about $1500, used it for random things and kinda forgot about it till about a month ago. I checked my account balance. It was negative $3.75! Imagine my surprise when the bank, who loves to help people save, took about $100 dollars in 'fees' for not using my card 10 times a month, and not depositing money into savings. I went into the branch to figure this out and close out the account. The rep was inconsiderate and rude. I had my two year old with me who was getting bored and fussy, the rep goes and starts chit chatting with people he knew while he was supposed to be getting me my change. He said if I wanted any credit for the fees I would have to go the the branch I opened my account at, and, verbatim, says ' I doubt you will have any luck getting any money out of them either.' I would never recommend Wells Fargo to anyone.

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