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Wells Fargo Redmond Branch

8502 160th Avenue, Northeast, Redmond, WA 98052

Downtown Location

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Branch Phone Number 425-885-6531

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Ana L. Nov 4, 2012

    Horrible Money Sucker, The Worst Bank In The World,bad Service With Agents Trained To Get As Much As They Can Out Of You

    I opened an account after selling a car. I was told i must be their customer in order to wire their car loan program the rest of the balance so i can get a title cleared. After few months i called in and asked is there any money left on the account. Lady on the phone said there is 10$. I was like ok. I wish i closed on the spot.

    After another 3 months i get a letter and it says i owe $8. Apparently they have been sucking my savings account with monthly fees for checking. And when i asked why i was not told about this they just kept saying we are sorry but we cannot do anything about that. I will never ever go there again. I will make sure to get bad rep for them everywhere. It goes beyond bad service. Their reps are trained to get everything out of you. They are trained to spot non frequent users and to charge the hell out of them and send in a letter when you are in red.

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    Reviewed By ntpntp May 14, 2014

    Called 5 times to get my account set up online

    First time, the banker named Laura hang up on the phone.
    Second time, the banker named Laura put me on hold for 30 minutes.
    Third time, another banker said that he couldn't hear me and disconnect.
    Fourth time, the banker asked so much for inappropriate personal information and disconnect.
    Fifth time, luckily get thing done after 30 minutes.

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