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    Reviewed By Woodforest C. Mar 22, 2014


    "Criminals" Update!!!
    My previous review is included below, but I have an UPDATE!!!
    Through Bank Tracker, Woodforest at 888-224-0132 contacted me on 5-29-2014. They asked me to explain the situation and I provided a factual and detailed description.
    The customer service representative frequently interrupted me, finally saying that there was no way that the teller would give my address out, and that it was impossible that they even had it! I replied that the teller made a photocopy of my drivers license and the check I deposited, and even gave me a copy of both.
    For this, I was called I LIAR!
    I asked the agent to neglect that detail so we could continue the conversation, and at this point, the customer service rep became hostile and unprofessional interrupting and denying my claims. I hung up at this point.

    Interrestingly enough, the teller in question (Joe) no longer works for Woodforest.

    STAY AWAY!!!!
    A Woodforest employee at the California, MD branch disclosed my home address to another Woodforest member. At present, this is all I am certain of, BUT, more may have been disclosed. I have been in contact with Woodforest National and the regional branch manager with responses similar to, "What can they do with an address and why would our employee do that?"

    They seem to be missing the point that personal information or transaction details should never be disclosed to other individuals unless it is subpoenaed through the court process.


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    Woodforest National Bank

    Replied on May 28, 2014

    We apologize for such a difficult experience. We would like to look further into your situation. If you’ll send an email with your contact information to, we will get in touch with you.