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800 West Main Street Suite 100, Boise, ID 83702

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    Reviewed By Mira Mar 25, 2013

    Open Account? Not So Easy And Actually Dangerous Might Lose Your Identity

    I decided to open internet money market ira. It was supposed to be quick and easy. After i opened the account online (22feb2013) i received an email, which informed me about welcome package coming in mail. 7mar13 - i contacted zions bank and express my concern of not receiving my package. They recommended me to go to the branch to sign signature card there. 11mar13 - i went to the branch. I waited one hour for all the paperwork, which person helping me (assistant vice president) received in email. As i seen what's in the welcome package, i was shocked. All my information and my husbands as a beneficiary right there. Social security, date or birth, address, phone numbers, everything and they didn't even bother to send it registered or with some kind of tracking number. She was shocked too and apologized. After signing signature card, i left the branch hoping sooner or later welcome package which show up in my mail box. It never did. I called help line couple times trying to see if my account is active. They haven't received signature card. Zilion phone calls later -25march13. They recommended me to go again to branch and fedex it. As i came to the bank i still believed signature card was emailed, but i was wrong, my whole information was send out by mail, not registered, not able to track. Again!!! I asked if they will offer me a identity theft protection, which they decline. They actually told me that it was my risk which i agreed to take by applying for account. That it was my choice. (i do read a tiny letters and i haven't seen anything stating your information will be send out unprotected and if lost oh well too bad) it all seemed like it was my fault. I told them to cancel the whole account. An awesome idea of opening an ira account to protect your future. :(

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