Bank of America Survey Finds Alums Take Pride in their Alma Mater, But May Be Uncertain How to Share That Passion Financially

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — American college alumni agree on one thing: college life rules. And with the kick-off of college football season, many of them feel nostalgic for days spent on campus. According to a recent survey commissioned by Bank of America, alumni are looking for a more hassle-free method to financially give back to their alma maters. With the introduction of Bank of America MyExpression™ Alumni checking, donations can be made to an alumni group of choice with every check card or credit card purchase.

The Bank of America MyExpression Alumni Survey notes that 45 percent of alums make annual contributions to their alma maters. And of those who that do contribute, only about one-in-four make contributions of more than $100 annually.

Further confirming Alumni passion for their college life, 57 percent of survey respondents claim that their college years were the best years of their lives and 58 percent would like their kids to attend the same college they did. Of the 55 percent that have yet to donate, nearly four-in-ten claim the lapse is because they have not gotten around to it, or find it difficult to juggle donations amid other financial and time obligations. Hassle-free donation is just one of the benefits of Bank of America MyExpression Alumni products.

“People are always looking for easy ways to support what’s important to them. However, prioritizing one’s college or university among so many other responsibilities — financially and otherwise — can be a tall order,” says Stephen Gillin, Affinity Banking executive. “That’s exactly where the Bank of America MyExpression alumni account fits in. Alumni can easily convert their school passion into financial giving, simply by making their everyday purchases through their MyExpression alumni account.”

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