wamu_bank_iconEffective March 9, 2009 WaMu credit card holders can no longer access their accounts from the wamucards.com site, and will instead be moving to Chase OnlineSM. In line with this, WaMu credit card customers were advised of some important dates and activities that should be undertaken during the conversion process:

  • March 1 – WaMu customers can save, print, or download their transaction history. They should have been able to access history of up to the past 18 months.
  • March 4-8 – WaMu credit card accounts cannot be accessed through the site nor is online payment available, as these are the days when the accounts will be transferred to the Chase system.
  • March 9 and onwards – Log on to Chase Online (www.chase.com). Newly transferred accounts should still be able to use their WaMu user ID and password, unless otherwise advised.

While this change may take some getting used to for WaMu customers, on the upside, they will now be able to avail of the benefits and services that Chase offers:

  • Have access to at least 12 months of online statements (may be extended up to 6 years over time), and view 3 months of transaction history;
  • Enroll for automatic payments with specific payment dates;
  • Use Chase Mobile for account access; and for business card holders, have better management of employee spending limits.

Finally, WaMu credit card customers (soon to be Chase account holders) would also need to keep these important points in mind:

  • Your free FICCO credit score will no longer be available. You may however, consider getting hold of your credit score details through the Chase Credit Builder for a fee.
  • You can continue to use your WaMu card and credit card number until it expires, during which you will be sent a new Chase card.
  • The toll-free number found on the back of your card will continue to be available for any assistance needs.

You can still pay your cards using the same payment methods. Mailed-in checks are still accepted, or you may opt to make your payments online via the chase.com, by phone, or over-the-counter at any Chase or WaMu branch.







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  • R. Jacobs

    Yeah but too bad if you thought your online bill paying setup was going to be moved with your account. You have to start over, entering the names and addresses of your payees as if you were opening a new account, and they warn you not to expect your bills to be paid on time the first month. Also, you have to first confirm with each of your payees that the Chase bill paying system, “Billeo”, can be used to pay them… and then go back to Chase/Billeo and confirm that the payee you want to make payments to is on their list. I've been making payments to a local herbalist and my city's dog licensing dept for years using WAMU's online bill payment setup. I strongly suspect that my herbalist and the local dog licensing bureau won't be on Billeo's list, which appears to be primarily large national and multinational corps. To their credit, they at least provide a list of companies that are already on the list and my phone provider and energy provider was already there, making it possible to put them on your list of payees with a click. But we may have lost the ability to make payments to less traditional companies, and even if we can, we have to consult them first to find out. Not the easy “we'll pay anyone you want us to pay” service WAMU offered.

  • Bill Foster

    I was thrilled to read your companies rating in the credit card rating chart. I have one suggestion. I always wait till I have 20,000 points to look at the rewards program. Why not offer a 250.00 dollar rebate if the consumer one , opens a savings or checking account with chase which is not credited for 6 months and at least 6 deposits.
    Also being a geographic community open what look like ATM machines that actually are almost full serve banking needs where at the press of a button you can speak to your customer and the customer may interact with the teller. I am very happy being a customer in your company.
    Thank You, William B. Foster Fayetteville, N.C.

  • joshuad31

    The last experience I had was a nightmare. There is no way that this integration/migration of accounts is going to go smoothly. Even the account representative in the branch apologized and told me that there are many changes that they are not informed of which prevent them from assisting customers. Below is an example:

    SUMMARY: WAMU customers should never use the “change address” feature when logged into their online accounts. If you are a WAMU customer and you need to change your address and order a new ATM card within 30 days YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS INSIDE A BRANCH to avoid excesss fustration. If you attempt to change your address online and then get a new ATM card you will have to put all banking on hold for more than a month or open up a new account. Sounds insane? It happened to me.

    I am very frustrated with WAMU's attempt to serve customers. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE ADDRESS ON YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE. I hope someone heeds my advice before its too late. Here is what happened to me.

    1. I went to a WAMU ATM and for the first time in my life I actually forgot to remove my ATM card. The card was sucked back into the machine. I called customer service that night and they said “no problem the branch will call you when they recover the card tomorrow.” So I decided not to worry about it.

    2. I had a very busy day the next day and I didn't call the branch and they didn't call me. I called them within 48 hours after this incident and they informed me that within 24 hours they had to shred my card… ok not good but I thought well… I'll just order a new card. They direct me to call customer service to order a card.

    3. I Call WAMU customer service and inform them that I need to change my address on file and I need to have a new card sent to me. The agent informs me that it will take 30 days to receive my card. I ask why. He says its because I need it sent to a different address than the one on file. I can't receive a card within 30 days of him changing my address. I asked if the result would be different if I changed it myself online and he said that that is what I should do.

    I change my address online.

    4. I call customer service back and ask for a card. They inform me that because I changed my address online I can no longer order a new card unless I physically go inside a branch and order one. The agent apologizes but states that if I just go inside the branch I can resolve this issue.

    5. I go inside the branch and they state that because I changed my address online and not in their branch I have to wait 30 days before they can even process my request to have a new card sent out. Ok this is mind blowing I am physically standing in the branch and they are telling me they can't even enter in the request that would eventually allow my card to be delivered to me. I must physically enter the branch 30 days from today and then make the request in person that a new card be sent out which would take an additional 7 to 10 business days.

    The best they could do for me is open up a brand new account. I asked if I could transfer money from my old account to my new account online and the answer was no.


  • dennyWAMMU

    Yeah, along with the buy out went my rewards points and dollars. I lost $350.00 when the transfer happened. I called Chase and conveniently, they have no record of there bonus rewards. What crap!!!

  • Arlene7793

    I just want to pay my Chase (wamu) Cardpayment with Chase ONLY