This week saw few changes in CD rates, with averages going either up or down by a few basis points, but in general, remaining at rock-bottom levels. While some banks did make a few adjustments to their CD rates, it was mostly to cut their interest rates rather than increase them.

Of the banks that My Bank Tracker monitors, there were a few banks which upped their yields within the period July 5 to 9, 2009 but these were limited to the following:

BankTermLast RateNew RateChange
Charles Schwab Bank4 Month CD0.30%0.35%+0.05%
Rainier Pacific Bank9 Month CD1.15%2.00%+0.75
Wells Fargo18 Month CD1.65%2.00%+0.35%
25 Month CD2.15%2.40%+0.25%
Chase24 Month CD2.00%2.25%+0.25%
48 Month CD2.25%2.75%+0.50%

Most notable of the banks that made CD rate increases is Rainier Pacific Bank which more than doubled its 9-month CD from an APY of 1.15% last week to 2.0% this week.


As for CD rate drops, many of the previous weeks’ banks with the highest CD rates trimmed a few basis points off their CD interest offerings, with rate cuts ranging from as low as 0.01% to 0.25%, and across both short and long term CDs. Worth mentioning of these rate declines is Intervest National Bank, which held the top CD rates for 36-month and 48-month CDs last week but has now decreased its yields from the 6-month term down to the 60-month CD rates.

Taking these movements in consideration, this is how this week’s CD rate averages here at My Bank Tracker ended up.

9-month CDs

Showed the most significant activity, increasing by 6 basis points from 1.40% last week to 1.43% this week, primarily because of Rainier Pacific Bank’s rate boost by +0.75%.


12-month, 24-month, and 36-month CD rate averages all went down by a single basis point to 1.56%, 1.86% and 2.16% respectively.


Long-term CDs — 48-month and 60-month CD averages — on the other hand, saw minor increases, climbing upwards by one basis point each to 2.47% and 2.73% respectively.

48-month-cd-averageCheck out our latest CD rates here.

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  • Chase Bank CD Rates

    great information and charts, are these values across all banks? or just the ones listed at the top of the article?