Chase Bank announced today that it has launched a new program called Chase Exclusives. This program will give customers with a checking account more rewards for every purchase every time they use the Chase Freedom® credit card. The program also serves Chase customers with superior rates, more rewards and bigger discounts on Chase’s financial products.

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Chase Freedom® is Chase’s most popular rewards credit card, offering members the ability to redeem gifts and much more with Ultimate Rewards, viewable at

In addition, the new program gives account customers ten percent more points for every dollar they spend with the Chase Freedom® credit card and ten bonus points for every purchase. These points can be converted to cash, gift cards, travel bookings, and various goods. Customers can receive unlimited points on the no-annual fee card and the reward points don’t have an expiration date. Best of all, new customers receive 1,000 bonus points after their first purchase.

So if you’re not signed up yet, get on the reward-wagon, and register at, so you can start reaping from the benefits today.

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